Headliners: Jerry Brown

Whether the issue is global warming or sanctuary cities, California Gov. Jerry Brown has been one of the President Donald Trump’s fiercest  critics, calling him a “liar, criminal, fool – pick your choice.”   But Brown has been a political maverick since he entered politics in 1970.  He was first elected governor in 1974, at age 36, refusing to live in the Governor’s Mansion or travel by limo.  One newspaper columnist dubbed him “Governor Moonbeam” because of his environmental concerns and interest in satellite technology, later acknowledging that Brown was actually a visionary.  In 1976, he launched the first of three presidential campaigns, was elected mayor of Oakland and, in 2010, successfully ran for governor again nearly three decades after he left office.  At 80-years-old, he’s supposed to step down in January, 2019, but some supporters believe he still possesses the fire to seek the White House one last time.

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