Sister Wives Tell All- Season 12

Sister Wives‘ Kody Doesn’t Desire to Be Intimate with Meri — Will Their Relationship Survive?


March 23, 2018 05:05 PM

The issues between Kody and Meri Brown appear to be getting worse.

This Sunday, Sister Wives audiences will watch the first part of the series’ Tell All when Kody and his four wives discuss the past season. In a PEOPLE exclusive sneak peek at the tense episode, Kody, 49, and Meri, 47, get candid about their strained relationship and reveal what it will take to stay together.

During the Tell All, NBC’s Andrea Canning brings up the controversial moment when Kody was in the car on speakerphone with a reporter and made a comment that Meri purports to be his wife, but they don’t co-habitate. “Why did you feel that was important to share?” asks Canning.


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